Future Events

September 20 – October 27

GraySpace Art offers the three person show Unhinged,

                                                    featuring mid-career abstract painters Francis Scorzelli and Peggy Ferris and assemblage artist Dug Uyesaka. 

No doubt absorbing the cultural imprint of the beatnicking ’50s and the cultural liberation of the ’60s, the stage was set for a comfortable foray into a lifestyle based on creation over consumption. These three artists embarked on a path of self-actualization ultimately leading to abstraction. Unhinging from classic representation, and generated from the subconscious intuitive level, each artist has achieved that bingo moment when that inner impulse – whatever and how beyond words it is – collides beautifully with what takes form in their respective mediums. 

Francis Scorzelli – Untitled 18

Uyesake-untitled (rake) 8.5 x 7 x 3in


September 20 to October 27:

Francis Scorzelli 
Peggy Ferris
Dug Uyesaka  

November 15th
Tony Askew
Dorothy Churchill-Johnson
Rod Lathim

January 17, 2020 
William B Lawrence
Ruth Ellen Hoag
Pam Enticknap

March 20, 2020
Luke Matjas
Mike Blaha

May 16, 2020
Ruth Ellen Hoag
Charlene Broudy