Soda for the Summer
July 17 to August 23

Grayspace requires facemasks. The gallery is regularly sanitized for a safe and healthy environment.

Open Friday – Sunday, 1 to 5. Appointments not needed, but recommended. To schedule a time – call 805-689-0858

Presenting Charlene Broudy photography, Mike Blaha painting and Lisa Crane sculpture. Works with themes that stir and provoke thought, response, reaction, and perhaps, action from the viewer.

As you ponder acquiring works from this exhibit, we offer you 20% off all work over $1000.

Charlene Broudy

Urban Biker, Charlene Broudy
Archival Digital Photo 18″x 24″
Limited Edition • $400

“As a Photographer, I especially enjoy the hunt for the bizarre, odd, edgy, overlooked – finding the unusual in hidden places, keeping my eyes open to what’s often edited out of awareness. In this GraySpace show, the focus is on both the commonality and differences of real humans, being really human.”

Charlene Broudy See More Images

Lisa Crane

Folie à Deux, by Lisa Crane
clay, encaustic
W 17” x D 9” x H 22”

“Symbols and metaphors are the language of individual and collective consciousness. They can serve as entré to reflections on the nature of humanity, the soul, and the interdependence of all life. Guided by my career practice in psychotherapy and healing, I aim for my work to open space for the interpretive.”

-Lisa Crane see more images

Michael Blaha

Tubby, Michael Blaha
acrylic on canvas

The act of making art is a bit mysterious to me, so writing about it is like describing the flavor of a strawberry to someone who has never tasted one. An appealing and very basic notion is that art is simply to be looked at and if it creates a rare moment of suspended judgement in a day of continual calculations, all the better. The mystery associated with the act of creating keeps me interested in manipulating colors and shapes that at times makes me feel like I am participating in an event more rarefied and greater than myself.”

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Ruth Ellen Hoag

Delft and Indigo, Ruth Ellen Hoag
acrylic on Arches archival paper
26″ x 40″

“For my own work in the StudioSpace, I’ve been painting various versions of these two characters from drawings I had made a few months ago. Many stories about these two spin in my head as I paint. The first one was done in watercolor, their relationship serene yet complex. The second version is lively and full of color, very different in mood and story from the first one. Painted in acrylic, I played with patterns and textures to develop a vibrant relationship between the characters. The third version above,  is quite different. Their relationship now more matured and confident.” (All three paintings can be seen on the Artist page.)

As curator, “Between Ornament and Meaning” was perhaps the most secretly exciting exhibition for me to work on this first year at GraySpace. Each of these three artists in their respective mediums, provides a unique perspective into their inner thoughts that allows us to live vicariously in their “other” worlds. They tap into my voyeuristic delight and take me to places I could never have imagined. I hope they will for our audience as well. It’s been my great pleasure to bring these artists together under one roof and in this gallery.

Our times are strangely tilting with a pandemic on our hands. As we planned our Opening reception, we found ourselves in a quarentine situation. We hope you will love seeing the work on-line and will visit many times.

Ruth Ellen Hoag,  artist in residence and director of GraySpace Gallery.  See More Images