5 on the Rise

Open Friday – Sunday  
1 to 5pm

thru October 11, 2020

While reservations are not required, you may reserve your own time.

Featured Artists  ~

Dorothy Churchill-Johnson, Ruth Ellen Hoag,

Cynthia James, Cynthia Martin, Kerrie Smith

DChurchill-Johnson-Inner Hydrangea-Oil-48x72-$11,000

Inner Hydrangea Dorothy Churchill-Johnson

“Inspiration for my work has always come from my habit of closely examining the details of my everyday environment. Things become beautiful in proportion to the attention one pays them. I’ve always tried to synthesize realism with abstraction and other contemporary influences such as pattern, neo-pop, and surrealism. I love to take the tiny details of an ordinary subject and blow them up to visual extremes. I strive for beauty in my work because beauty is its own excuse for being.”

The five women painters in this show have burgeoning careers and are gaining notice both locally and nationally. All of them are members of Santa Barbara Studio Artists, a non-profit organization of professional artists who maintain working studios in Santa Barbara, with work in galleries from coast to coast and beyond. SBSA is dedicated to raising the profile of Santa Barbara as an art destination.

This exhibit, 5 on the Rise, is an opportunity to be delighted and surprised by beautiful museum-validated work produced locally but shown internationally.

Ruth Hoag

Sogeo Historic-Equipoise 12  Kerrie Smith

“As my work evolves and becomes more layered I find myself exploring patterns and color, organic floating shapes that are interwoven with a geometric under layer. My current endeavor is to capture our changing planet. Consequently, my artwork records imaginary patterns in our environment—urban/industrial and natural. I’m interested in the changing intersection between place/city or nature. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to record the environmental disruptions that continue to afflict the California fire-driven and eroding mountains, deserts and coastlines.”

The fall edition of Food and Home Magazine features all five artists as a showcase for selected SBSA women. Their varied styles: abstraction, contemporary realism, figuration and surrealism, complement each other and reflect the best examples of what Santa Barbara has to offer. The work coheres in matters of meticulous execution, singular vision, and dedicated professionalism.


Ruth Hoag

Mehosh Dziadzio

Ambush,  Cynthia James, 36″x24″

My work consists of visions from an imaginary botanical record. Painting with oil on copper, I combine visual strategies from the past with magical realist overtones. Each botanical is a world within itself, a miniature galaxy or stage upon which the insects. Interact in a drama mostly hidden from the human eye, while at the same time deeply affecting our lives.”

Mehosh Dziadzio

Hall of Reckoning,  Cynthia Martin, 24″x24″

I am interested in how we see the familiar scenery around us, and with our busy lives, we often just get a glance out of our side view mirror. In my “Commuter Time Lapse” series I use metallic stripes of deconstructed color to refer to pathways, roads, contrails, and other symbols of a consumer society constantly on the go.  Some of my pieces include hi-tech auto finish, a salute to our voracious car culture and to my Southern California heritage from the L.A. artists’ Finish Fetish movement of the 1960’s.”

Mehosh Dziadzio

Central Bark,  Ruth Ellen Hoag 48″x50″

“My art is based on the figurative genre. Ordinary, everyday people being central to my work, each painting offers an opportunity to discover a new insight into how we act, react, do, think, worry, enjoy or ponder. I’m particular about my color palette for each piece, and choose them with care, as it is part of the expressive purpose. In aiming for the communicative and emotional qualities, degrees of abstraction come into play. There’s no formula, only desire and some routine.”

Curator’s Notes  ~

I am incredibly delighted to be included in this exhibit, particularly because it came about by invitation to participate in the article concerning five women artists of Santa Barbara in Food and Home magazine. The five were chosen for diversity of style and substance of individual work, yet with the commonality as painters. For myself, having a gallery at a crossroads in these uncertain times, deliberating, and pondering the direction the gallery, asked the group if they would be interested in a show to coordinate with the magazine publication. Unanimously agreeing to this proposition was a step in a most positive direction for the gallery (setting of a string of other opportunities I will be sharing soon.) So, to have these extraordinary women of creative pluck and dynamism, share my space, I am most honored.

The five of us have known each other as artists for a number of years, but this is the first time we are exhibiting together. We all belong to Art Salon Santa Barbara, women artists promoting, fostering and supporting each other in our various avenues of pursuit.  Dorothy Churchill-Johnson and I go back over twenty years as founding members of SBSA.

Do come see the show and delight in it, as we the artists have enjoyed creating it!

We encourage and appreciate your support of the gallery and our artists.

Ruth Ellen Hoag