GraySpace Art has had a certain vibe since the gallery opened it’s doors May 14th. Now here we are, seasoned veterans after our second Funk Zone Art Walk. The gallery looks great, feels great and is humming! Rich and I know our loosely formed idea and goals would gain momentum over time. And they are. Sometimes we feel it’s a chug-chug and we want it all to happen faster, but when we look back, these last two months have flown! 

The big idea is to make GraySpace Art be an experience. Each show a different theme and a different look. The current exhibit is beautiful and elegant, with a jaunty twist of humor with Joan Rosenberg-Dent’s porcelain sculpture accompanied by my several musical paintings.

Joan and I spent weeks deciding the theme – we wanted something upbeat, summery and inviting. Title after title was rejected until we came to RazzamaJazz! Danceable!  

Our common tread is our style. It’s inescapably rhythm and pattern – and we both like jazz (independently of our work!) So, jazz plays on the radio while Joan’s dazzling porcelain dances on the walls, pedestals and floor, and my musicians and exotic Gazelle sing along.