Rod Lathim

I was born with a mission to make an impact on the world through the arts. I share my voice and passion through theatre, film, the written word, assemblage art, sculpture and photography. Addressing human issues and enabling people to tell their stories so they may be preserved and shared is at the core of my joy and work. Advancing the human potential through vision, integrity and creativity makes my soul sing. Birthing new ideas, breaking barriers and making life more accessible and bountiful is my chosen path.

Piano Sculpture Series

This series explores deconstructed pianos – a way to interpret the many facets of the structure and sound of music. The journey of leaning how to dismantle pianos has been fascinating and has given me a heightened respect for the artistry and craftsmanship of building a piano. The harp of a piano is the heavy metal element that holds the strings and the immense pressure when strings are stretched and tuned. In most pieces I utilize the harp (all very unique in their sculptural shape), the keys and the action board where the hammers and many moving parts live. Each work is lit with backlight, and in the case of Sagrada Sonata, with neon and LED lights as well.
Reclaimed glass was used to create the clear panes, and custom stained glass was created for the Sagrada Sonata work.
These pieces are ideal for a foyer in a concert hall, a personal music room, or any space that enables them to breathe and fill the room with visual music (suited for indoor placements). All lighting can be turned on or off with ease. The photos and videos demonstrate the diverse looks that can be achieved with front and/or backlight.
The unique, three dimensional sculptures are conversation pieces and will enliven any environment – classical to contemporary. The works can be shipped and I will personally install them in their new homes.

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Rod Lathim

The Peaceful Planet
Found metal sphere, custom metal base, neon

(36” T x 29” Circumference)

The Sculpture Series

This series is my first in an exploration of larger sculptures with found objects. After the commission I received in May of 2017 to create two 40” x 40” assemblage pieces (the largest pieces I had created to date) which now hang in the lobby of the Quincy Marriott Hotel near Boston, my imagination took me to places of possibility and ‘going big.”

I am attracted to vintage objects which have a patina of history, hinting at the lives of the people who used them to work, manufacture, create and sustain life.  The diverse pieces I find all over the USA speak to me and often inform the addition of neon light, which brings them back to reincarnated life. The inspiration for this series also came to me at a pivotal time in my life – during the last weeks of life for my Father, Reg Lathim. During the time I was with him in his final days on the planet, the images for these pieces were delivered to me from the ancestors and muses from that magical, creative wonderland around us. I felt Da’s presence in these images and he continues to inspire my work.

Although I had very little knowledge of neon light, I was drawn to it – or more accurately lead to it on a spiritual path. Neon light is created by combusting gas with electrical charge inside glass tubing, The light created is unique to simply observing a flat ‘color.’ The colors created by neon are alive – they are energy and light created by elements of nature. The radiant light from neon is the closest thing I have found in our physical world to the light of life and love that radiates from our bodies (some call this our aura).

I dedicate this series of new works to my Dad, whose abundant love and support was instrumental in making me the man I am today. My tribute to my Mom’s life was my autobiographical play UNFINISHED BUSINESS. My tribute to my Dad is “Of Light and Legacy.”  Dad honored legacy and he and my Mom created a family legacy that is rich in traditions, compassion, authenticity and love.

Rod Lathim

Repurposed baby grand piano, glass window shards, neon

(73” T x 20” D x 32” W)

Rod Lathim

“Kneading Faith II”

Found Objects, Neon Light and custom metal base

9.5” D x 10” W x 21”T
Retail Price $4,200

Rod Lathim

“Wheels of Change”
Found objectss

59” T x 47” W x 17.5” D

Retail Price: $6,000

Rod Lathim

Repurposed piano parts, custom metal stand
(63” T x 28” D x 56” W)

Rod Lathim

Pablo’s Piano
Repurposed grand piano, glass window shards
(69” T x 51 1/8 W x 23” D)

Rod Lathim

There’s No Place Like Home
(83.5” T x 51 1/8 W x 24” Deep)
(Vintage Dormer Vent, Neon, Custom stand)

Rod Lathim

Which Way?
Vintage Belgium Traffic Sign, neon
(27.5” Diameter x 5” deep)