Michael Blaha

Michael Blaha is a contemporary abstract artist with a degree in anthropology. His first showing was in the 1982 Idaho Biennial Exhibition in Boise and then in Northwest Juried Art 1983 in Spokane, Washington.
Blaha currently lives, makes art and exhibits in Santa Barbara, California, and works as a teacher for artists with intellectual disabilities.

Artist Statement:
The act of making art is a bit mysterious to me, so writing about it is like describing the flavor of a strawberry to someone who has never tasted one. An appealing and very basic notion is that art is simply to be looked at and if it creates a rare moment of suspended judgement in a day of continual calculations, all the better. The mystery associated with the act of creating keeps me interested in manipulating colors and shapes that at times makes me feel like I am participating in an event more rarified and greater than myself.

Is art rehearsal
for the nirvanic
cream dream
like the moth
in water flailing
concentric reminders
of a brutal