Ruth Ellen Hoag, Santa Barbara artist, teacher, and Director of GraySpace. She says, “I love being back in the Funk Zone after five years! This opportunity came along at just the right time. At night I lay awake my mind envisioning the possibilities this space has to offer. First and foremost I see it as an eclectic gallery with artists that are willing to take a chance and see the world in ways that our audience will be excited about. Likewise, my studio is a place for experimentation and finding answers to ‘what if?’”

Ruth will be operating the gallery with her husband, Richard, and feel their collective talents have come full circle. It’s been a dream of theirs to create a tangible workspace for creativity while sharing the gallery with numerous professional artists of local and national credibility. Richard is quick to add that the collaboration fostered within a venue such as GraySpace makes it uniquely inviting to both artist and art enthusiast. A stage performer and designer of themed attractions around the world, he believes the synergism of their combined talents will bring a unique experience to the gallery and the ever-evolving Funk Zone art scene.

GraySpace open Thursday and Sunday 1pm to 5pm, Friday and Saturday 2pm to 8pm, and by appointment.